2023 Changes and Updates

Just adding a little blog post highlighting some recent changes to the site/offerings…

As various other micro-blogging services are gaining some popularity in recent times as some users flock away from Twitter/X, I have launched sibling feeds sharing the same content as my existing Twitter/X feed to make the service’s availability more diverse: Bluesky and Mastodon, both live now. Check out all our feeds over at our Social Media Feeds page.

P.S. I’ve also got an app redesign in the works, to try and modernize/spruce up the app a bit, get it running on iPad natively, little things like that. Keep your eyes open for that!

Morgantown PRT Status – Twitter Feed Now Available

In an effort to reach and benefit a larger audience, a Twitter feed has been created and will be maintained at twitter.com/MorgantownPRT. This will primarily provide access to the Morgantown PRT Status service to platforms other than iOS, whether in an internet browser on a personal computer, on an Android device, or any other way users connect to Twitter. Followers may turn on notifications for new tweets to always get the latest status, whenever it changes. This provides benefits over the Twitter feed maintained by WVUDOT, as theirs is a shared feed that also provides parking and other information that might congest the notifications of a user who solely needs PRT status alerts.

Morgantown PRT Status – Name Change (Previously “PRT Status Notifications”)

In an effort to be more concise and reach a larger audience, “Notifications” has been dropped from the name of the service, and “Morgantown” has been added to keep the name unique. As Morgantown PRT Status, the primary effort will remain to keep the students and residents in the Morgantown community informed about the availability of the system, through additional means than the original iOS app, which will continue to be supported.